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    Healthcare & Emergency Services Solutions

    Expertise on Demand

  • Who We Are

    Our team becomes your team

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    We know Healthcare

    Our team members are experienced clinical leaders. Many of them having spent more than 20 years in various roles

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    Emergency Services

    We know EMS

    Our team members have deep expertise in the operational, administrative and executive domains of EMS and Fire organizations,

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    We know Service

    Our managing partners are all Veterans of the U.S. Armed Services. We understand what it means to serve.

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    We know Data

    Our research, data, and systems analysts are some of the best in the business. From financial metrics and business improvement to clinical quality and EHR optimizations, we can help you understand.

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    New York State Certified Instructor Coordinator Services

    CIC Review and 100% Online CME Program & Learning Management System

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    EMS Program Management

    Remote Management, State Licensure, Individual & State Credentialing

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    Operational Excellence and Process Improvement

    Business Continuity, Optimization, and Development

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    Data Management & Visualization and Healthcare Analytics

    EHR Optimization, Data Visualization, Operational Analysis, NEMSIS

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    Patient Safety & Medical Risk Management

    Event Reporting Systems, Policy Development, Investigations, Root Cause & Human Factors Analysis

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    Public Policy

    Public Affairs

    Public Affairs and Contract Management, Liaison Services, Government Negotiations

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    Controlled Substances Audit & Compliance Programs

    Audits, Reports, Incident Investigations, Investigation Support

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    Corporate Compliance

    Compliance Audits, Reports, Policy Development

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    Administration and Policy Development

    Human Resources, Financial Auditing, Operational, and Capital Budgeting

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