Our Services

    NYS Certified Instructor Coordinator Services

    Services when you need them

    We provide administrative management for New York State CME and Instructor Coordinator services. From CME Approval to Core Content review, REBUS has multiple CIC's on staff to ensure you have timely access to our experts.

    100% Online CME Recertification Program Management

    We take care of everything

    We provide complete support for your organization's 100% Online CME Recertification program; all your staff needs to do is complete the required continuing education through our online learning management system and we'll take of the rest.

    Quality Assurance Program Development

    Turn Data into Actionable Information

    As an organization that creates data, you need that data transformed into timely accurate, and actionable information so you can make sound decisions. We can help you transform your operational decision-making by using the data you already produce and move away from the traditional approach of assigning blame to create a focus on preventing the errors or variation from a standard.

    Process Improvement

    Examine and Improve your Processes

    As you conduct your daily business, you likely have a number of processes that can be improved. We can help you fine-tune your existing processes or create new, more efficient ways of accomplishing your daily work to ensure your company is making effective and efficient use of its financial, capital, and human resources.

    Operational Excellence

    Move your organization forward

    Organizations that are exceptionally efficient in their resource utilization and exceptionally effective in delivering business value can be described as achieving operational excellence. You don't need to be a Fortune 500 company to realize the results of providing exceptional service. We can help you get there.

    Financial Assessment

    Objective and Unbiased

    A comprehensive review of your non-profit, EMS, or Fire Service financial plans provides non-judgemental, objective, and unbiased perspective of your organization's financial health. Our operationally focused team understands the needs of your organization and helps your leadership team make the right decisions.

    Policy Development

    Provide Needed Guidance

    A compliant organization begins with the development and implementation of a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that provides the operational staff the guidance needed to act in the organization's best interest. We can help your organization develop a functional framework of policy and procedure that provides that guidance.

    Board Strategic Planning

    Determine your Direction

    Before you can take your organization to the next level, you need to plan your trip. We provide guided strategic planning sessions to assist your leadership team in developing your roadmap and advancing your capabilities to better meet your mission.

    Learning Management

    Organizational Learning Made Easy

    Whether you are a multi-jurisdictional emergency service or a small business, the need to provide consistent accessible education and training to your staff is an absolute necessity. From mandatory compliance items to job-specific training courses in medicine or business, we can provide your organization with a learning management platform that is scalable and customizable to meet your needs. What's better, we manage everything.